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2014 Songbird Collector Ornament
Nuthatch Pair

Alanna's Songbird Collector Ornament for 2014 is a pair of
Red-Breasted Nuthatch on a birch branch against a
full moon sky. As in other years, this will be a signed/numbered
edition. Each ornament is an original hand-painted acrylic
glass ball with airbrushed background.

Your Feathers Hand Painted
Image on Turkey Feathers paianted by Alanna Thays

Original Pet Portraits
Original painting of a Golden Retriever puppy and adult by Alanna Thays
In this original acrylic painting Alanna captures the transition of
"Sienna" from puppy to adult.
If you would like information about
having a portrait of your pet, contact Alanna using the "contact"
tab on this page.


After the Season painting by Alanna Thays
Original Paintings

Fawn Deer painting by Alanna Thays
Wildlife Prints

Wood Duck carving by Jim Thays
Carvings of Wildlife

Blue Jay photograph by Jim Thays
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